Meet The Team!

Wired Creatives would not be the company it Is today without our incredible team!

Hannah Martin

Co-Founder and creator of Wired Creatives

Hannah is a born Kiwi (New Zealander) who after finishing her Accounting degree, jumped on a plane and started full-time traveling with her partner Nathan. She was immediately on board for the travel life, and they’ve been traveling ever since!

Hannah found her niche as an introverted travel lover, and relating to other introverts pursuing their passions, finding confidence through doing what they love, and navigating the world in general. You’re likely to find her out in the fresh air looking for cats and having fun with her soon to be husband Nathan.

Her balance of straight talk and relatable insight into being an introvert in the social media world make her videos in Wired Creatives course incredibly helpful for our members.

Nathan Buchan

Co-founder and creator of Wired Creatives

Nate is an ex-plumber from New Zealand who decided to ditch the grind and see if he could find a way to travel the world full-time. He dove in head first into blogging and digital advertising. And through a lot of work, research, trial and error he was able to find a way to make it sustainable. He’s been traveling nearly nonstop since 2013, and is passionate about helping others looking to use the digital world, ditch the 9-5 or up their business presence and succeed.

When he’s not engrossed in Wired Creatives and his other marketing ventures, you’ll probably find him surfing and hanging out with his gorgeous travel partner, and soon to be wife Hannah.

His excitement for the Wired Cratives community and course is contagious in his videos; describing his life lessons learned as a digital nomad, and how members can adapt tactics for their goals.


Support Assistant and Random Task Guru

Megan started working with Nathan and Hannah in 2017 and helps keep things organized and running smoothly as much as possible. She has an eclectic background with a Bachelors degree in Literature, minors in Math and Business, plus work experience that includes 2 years living abroad teaching English as a Foreign Language and traveling like a crazy person (which she still tends to do). She loves working with the Wired Creatives team, the amazing community, and crazy traveling co-founders who keep her on her toes!

Megan is the U.S. based helper with support emails and questions. If you have any Wired Creatives questions or thoughts, email [email protected]!


Support Assistant, Inspiration, Mother of Wired Creatives!

Mary has been on the front lines of the adventure that grew into Wired Creatives, seeing as she’s Nathan’s mum!

She’s been there for a heap of the life lessons for both Nathan and Hannah through the years, and has even written some great mother’s point-of-view posts for Nathan’s World Nate blog. As a qualified Life Coach, Mary is a grounding force, sounding board, and overall motivational help for the Wired Creatives team. Her positivity is infectious and she’s been a great add since officially coming onboard in 2018 after a lifelong career in ECE teaching. She loves when Nathan and Hannah are home for a spell, and jumps at the chance to join them in their travels where possible.

Mary is the New Zealand based helper with support emails and questions. Having support on both sides of the world really comes in handy for all our members in different time zones! If you have any Wired Creatives inquiries, just give a shout to [email protected].


Social Media Manager & Author at Wired Creatives

Running the Wired Creatives social accounts and innovating new ways to bring value to the WC Members is her game.

She completed her degree in Film Production, and although loved the industry, there just wasn’t enough time and location freedom.
Spending her time travelling and teaching, she soon jumped onto the online train and hasn’t looked back since. Falling in love with all things social media, she reached out to Nathan and Hannah (who she’d been following for years prior) and managed to land her dream job!

Having been born under the African sun, she’s an absolute summer baby with sand on her feet, travel in her soul and stories to tell.